Family Law

Our Philosophy

At Four Rivers Law Firm we abide by the principle that most family law cases are 80% emotion and 20% law. Therefore, we strive to take the emotion out of the case so the process is simple as it can be. When both sides are able to cooperate and work soberly through the court applied formulas, cases can be easy.

Often our clients are worried the other spouse has hired a good lawyer. We welcome this as a good thing, and prefer the opportunity to work across the aisle with experienced divorce attorneys, since those attorneys usually share our reasoned approach. The most difficult cases are ones involving attorneys who inject additional energy into the case, which is often done at the expense of both clients. This is usually due to inexperience. It benefits everyone for both sides to be represented by good counsel.

Our Approach

We offer a unique choice of representation in order to match your needs of your case. One size does not fit everyone. For e.g., if you have a complicated separation and a lot of assets to split, we offer full service representation based on retainer and hourly billings, so that we can represent you throughout the entire process, consistent with our simple philosophy.

On the other hand, over half of all divorce cases are done pro se, which means with no lawyer at all. The reason is the wide disconnect between law firms and the ability of many clients to pay high legal fees. We have developed a way of closing this gap through flat fee billing services. Under this model, we enter into a limited representation with the client for document preparation, document review, and coaching. In this model the client can use us as much or as little at the client chooses. We offer menu based prices, so there is full transparency of costs before you engage us. We have found in our practice and in our clinics this model can be very successful for clients who are appearing without an attorney but need some help on the side.

Our People

The Four Rivers Law Firm family law practice is developed by J. Michael Shea, esq., a civil trial attorney of 40 years, and Executive Director of St. Michael’s Legal Clinic for Women and Children. Mike has served his clients by successfully appearing in thousands of cases involving divorce and child support.

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